One a Day Vitamins: What Should You Be Taking Daily?


Most of us grew up hearing that we needed to eat well-rounded diets to get the nutrients we need. This is true, but it tends to be easier said than done. Between busy schedules and sometimes limited access to healthy foods, you may find it's a good idea to add one a day vitamins to your health routine. Learn what to look for so you get all that you need from your supplements.

Getting the Most From One a Day Vitamins

It would be great to get the perfect amount of every nutrient you need from the foods you need. For most people, however, this doesn't happen. You may be tight on time and can't prepare fresh foods all the time. Studies have also shown that some foods have fewer nutrients than they used to because of the way they're grown, making it even harder to get what you need from your food.

Vitamin supplements can fill in the gap, but you need to make sure they have the nutrition you need. Take a look at the things you should make sure are in your vitamins.

Vitamin A

A good nutrient to support your eye health, vitamin A is a must-have among your one a day vitamins. Your eyes need this vitamin to properly process light into images that your brain understands, so it's important to get enough of it as you get into middle age and beyond.

Vitamin A also supports your immune system by contributing to the production of white blood cells that fight off infections. Your body uses vitamin A to support healthy mucus levels as well. While that may not sound like a good thing, the mucus in your lungs and gut trap bacteria before they reach your tissues.


To support your energy levels and bone health, make sure you get enough magnesium. This is an essential nutrient which means your body can't make this substance. You have to get it from food or supplements in order for your body to get the benefits.

By making sure magnesium is in your one a day vitamins, you give yourself the tools to convert food into energy and supply your body with the building blocks for important amino acids. Magnesium is also known to help regulate your nervous system and combat depression naturally.


Well known for its ability to help keep your bones and teeth strong, calcium is a must-have when it comes to nutrients for your body. Throughout your life, this mineral supports healthy bone growth and repair. As you age, it becomes even more important because you will naturally begin to lose bone density. This is especially a problem for women, who are more susceptible to weak bones in older age.

Calcium is often associated with dairy products, but more people are moving away from eating dairy. You can get it from plants such as spinach and soy, but it may be helpful to add a calcium supplement to your health regimen.


For good blood health, you need an appropriate amount of iron in your diet. Iron allows your blood cells to efficiently transport oxygen to different parts of the body. Having too little iron can result in anemia and low energy levels. That's why it's a good idea to make sure this nutrient is in your one a day vitamins.

An iron supplement can be especially helpful for people who are vegetarians or follow a plant-forward diet. While you can find healthy doses of iron in different leafy greens, it's not always enough to give your body what it needs. An extra boost will keep your iron levels in a good place for your body to function well.

Vitamin D

To support your immune and nervous systems, watch your vitamin D levels. You need a sufficient amount to help your body process other minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. These all work together to maintain various bodily functions, including bone development.

Your body can make vitamin D by getting proper exposure to sunlight. Too often, this isn't easy for everyone to accomplish. Many people spend the sunniest hours of the day working indoors with limited sun exposure. Certain climates and seasons can exacerbate this problem, and some people have sensitivities to sunlight. Keeping vitamin D in your one a day vitamins mix is a simple solution.


Folate is an important B vitamin. While often used as a supplement for pregnant women because it supports healthy fetal development, it offers benefits for everyone. It is an important part of red blood cell formation and cell growth. There is also evidence that folate works with other nutrients to support heart and blood vessel health, keeping your cardiovascular system running well.

Most supplements will use folic acid to give you these benefits, a synthetic form of folate. This substance isn't bad by any means, but your body doesn't process it as efficiently. You will want to make sure that your one a day vitamins also contain other B vitamins that seem to help your system metabolize the folic acid.

These are just a few of the nutrients you should look for when you create a daily vitamin routine. Check for vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and many more as well.

Important Precaution for One a Day Vitamins

As you do your research to start a supplement routine, make sure to take a trip to your doctor. Talk with them about your plans and any medical issues you've had so they can advise you on the best way to move forward. Getting tested for deficiencies will also show you what supplements you should add to your routine.

Start Getting the Benefits of One a Day Vitamins

When you are working towards living a healthier life, it makes sense to take control of your nutrition. If you think you need a boost, adding one a day vitamins can be a great way to support your body. To find natural ways to feel better as well, check out the products from Sovereignty.