Living Into Genetic Testing Results

After 7 years in the quantification and biohacking world, I know how seductive tests and biomarkers can be. Genetic testing, like 23andme, has democratized self-understanding in a beautiful way. Add on plugins like Promethease and Genetic Genie provide even more information about the inner workings of our being (with recommendations!). But recent evidence suggests that the mind may be more powerful than we think in subconscious programming.

According to a study in Natural Human Behavior, learning the genetic risks associated with testing can create changes in physiology independent of actual risk. The study focused on around 300 people where some were told falsehoods about their genetic risk while others were given “protected” results.

The people who believed they had an increased risk of diseases like obesity and cardiovascular risk ended up creating that reality for themselves. This is an example of the nocebo effect.

What is most striking about this is that most peoples’ motivations for genetic are good! We desire to know ourselves better, to prepare for the future, and be our best selves. But the mind can be a tricky thing.

Each of us are faced with much data about ourselves. For anyone who is interested in Sovereignty products, biodata and genetic testing is probably a great idea. It can inform us about how to lead lives in a more mindful and conscientious way. But let us be aware of the power of visualization, the nocebo effect, and living into a reality that does not serve us.