How This Miraculous Powder Is Helping 1,444 People Banish Brain Fog & Experience All-Day Energy

It’s all thanks to the discovery of the “energy bank” – which he claims is the key to “virtually limitless energy and focus at any age”.

By Patrick Scott | Updated: July, 24

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Jason Crawford had always been a go-getter. Full of energy, focus, and drive – nothing could stop him. But that all changed once he hit 30.

Every morning, he’d wake up with what felt like two thumbs pressed down on his eyelids. He couldn’t focus on his work no matter how much espresso he drank. And by noon, he was finished – slumped in his chair with critical deadlines looming.

He’d forget to attend important meetings at work. Words would get caught on the tip of his tongue. And when he’d come back home from a long day of procrastinating, the horrifying realization would hit him…

With his business credit card bill piling up. Important clients leaving his business every quarter. And no new revenue coming in due to his severe lack of energy…

Those dreams he had, of giving his family a better life – full of freedom, with the energy to actually enjoy it… were now just that, dreams.

Jason had no choice – he had to find a way out of his energy nightmare.

As we sat across from each other in the interview – you could see the frustration on Jason’s face as he recalled this time.

He tried to find anything that could help.

He ate healthier. Fasted. Meditated. Did breathwork. Cut out all sugar and carbs. Went to bed earlier. Tried pills.

Yet countless blood, urine and stool samples later – along with thousands of dollars wasted – he was still his same old, sluggish self. Getting lapped by his competition. And limiting what he was truly capable of achieving.

That’s when a lightbulb went off in his head.

As Jason put it, “If I couldn’t find the perfect solution – I could either continue living this foggy hell... or make it myself. I chose the latter.”

He hired a team of cutting-edge scientists who specialize in all things focus, memory and whole body energy.

They dove deep into the research, clinical trials and ran hundreds of tests in their lab.

Jason gave them permission to explore even the most unconventional ideas that other scientists were too scared to explore.

With one guiding force behind the entire mission: no matter what it took, they had to get to the bottom of Jason’s fatigue and low energy.

Then, after many sleepless nights, they made the discovery of what Jason calls our “energy bank”.

After Hours of Research- Jason Finally Found a Way to Refill Your “Energy Bank

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  • Reignite your focus
  • Experience clean, all-day energy
  • Get back your motivation & drive
  • Make, hit and exceed your goals
  • Quick, safe and natural results

I reminded Jason that I, and most of our readers, aren't scientists. And asked him to please break it down in super simple terms.

Thankfully, it was so easy to understand:

See, as Jason explained, we all have a natural “energy bank” inside of our bodies.

And, just like a regular bank, when we need the energy to smash through our to-do list- our body will withdraw some energy from our “energy bank”. So, we have the energy to get things done.

Unfortunately, as Jason added, the energy reserves inside of our “energy bank” plummets – when we turn 30. This means there isn’t much energy for our body to withdraw. And leaves us feeling sluggish and slow – no matter what we do.

I leaned closer, intrigued. I’d experienced my fair few midday crashes, but I always assumed it was just my perimenopause.

Jason continued, “the scientific term for this “energy bank” is ATP. It’s a tiny energy molecule inside your cells – that stores and provides your body with the energy it needs. So from now on, when you think of energy, just think of ATP.”

He went on to explain that to refill our “energy bank”, all we had to do was boost ATP. This, he claims, would give anyone clean, boundless energy for the entire day – regardless of age.

Thankfully, after many months of hard work…

Jason’s team of experts found clinically-proven, patented adaptogens that boost ATP and refill our “energy bank”...

Giving anyone – regardless of age – the razor sharp mind and boundless energy levels of their youth.


  • Severe brain fog 
  • Inability to focus
  • Low energy and mood 

High ATP

  • Crystal clear thinking
  • Long lasting focus
  • Limitless mental & physical energy
  • Rapid memory recall
  • Powerful motivation and drive

Plus, to make the formula even more potent, Jason told me
he added…


After formulating each of these powerful extracts into one supercharged, delicious berry blend – Jason's life “took off”.

After the very first dose, he had more energy than he knew what to do with. It wasn’t jittery or shaky, and didn’t give him any crashes. It was, in Jason’s own words, “clean, natural, yet incredibly powerful.”

He could focus like never before. Tasks that used to take him the whole day were checked off by lunchtime. And he had no trouble falling asleep.

Yet to his surprise, when the next day came around, he sprung out of bed refreshed and energized. There wasn’t any grogginess and, as he excitedly told us, “I felt alive again. Like anything I wanted to do was achievable – I was back.”

brain health 3

Put simply, his “energy bank” had filled right up.

His business was doing better than it had ever done. The life he dreamt of providing for his family was becoming a reality. And the best part was, at 43 years old, he felt younger than he did in his 20s.

“But I didn’t know if I was an anomaly,” Jason said, “after all, nobody had tested the formula up until this point other than me.”

Then he sent it to over 200 people to test themselves. He shared some of the responses:


That’s when Purpose was born – and made available to the public.

“For the first time in 15 years, I didn't need my 4 shots of espresso. Who doesn't want full energy jumping out of bed? And I mean JUMPING out of bed!” – Ryan Youngblood 8

The response online was overwhelming. People from all across America weren’t only changing their energy levels. But their entire lives too.

Everyday Jason’s inbox was flooded with emails. From people exclaiming that they’d hit their goals; started the business they’d always wanted; and were promoted at work.

Now, as many of our readers know, we say “no” to pretty much every company wanting to promote their product on our site.

brain health 4

But after we sat down with Jason, and saw the passion he put into this formula – we knew Purpose was different.

This truly is his life’s work. And it’s the culmination of his personal journey to fix his – and millions of other people’s – low energy levels and fatigue.

Hours of rigorous research, consulting with experts, and hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone into this. Not to mention, unlike other formulas, Jason’s is filled with the clinically-studied and clinically-proven quantities of each ingredient.

So when Jason says it’s the beacon of hope for ANYONE seeking to reclaim their youthful mental energy, focus and drive – we believe him.

That’s why we convinced him to give an exclusive offer to the readers of this article only. And thankfully, after crunching the numbers, he said he’s able to do just that:

Which means today, once you claim your very own supply of Purpose, you’ll be able to 50%-OFF retail price plus FREE shipping and a Sovereignty Stainless Steel Frother!


What you may expect from Purpose

After 25 Servings

Starter Package

  • Improved mental clarity & focus*
  • Increased physical performance*
  • Improved energy & focus (up to 8 hours)*

After 50 Servings

Intermediate Package

  • Enhanced motivation and drive*
  • Getting through the day’s to-do lists by noon*
  • Better memory recall*
  • Sense of calm in high stress situations*
  • Invigorated learning abilities*

After 75 Servings

Master Energy Package

  • A life free from fatigue*
  • Able to be more present with loved ones*
  • Being the high energy person everyone loves to be around*
  • Rapid memory recall*
  • All-day long focus (up to 12 hours)*
  • No more procrastination*
  • Hit and exceed your goals without friction*

*Note: these results are based on personal experience and may vary from person to person.


Thousands of sons, daughters, moms, dads and grandparents have used Purpose to change their lives too.

Bev y.

I’ve been taking Purpose each morning for about 3 months. I absolutely love it ! Best way ever to start the day ! It gives me clarity of mind, energy and hydration to get a good workout in.. and sets me up for getting things done! I seldom have coffee anymore -this is so much better. No more coffee “jitters” and frequent ***** stops coffee brings. I’m a believer - having purpose in life always makes sense!

Adam D.

I don't drink coffee and I'm trying to cut down on the energy drinks so I tried this focus powder and love it. I was expecting a nasty flavor or after-taste but there was none. To be honest, I wasn't expecting this to work but I actually feel like I am more focused when I take this in the morning. Instead of procrastinating, I'm able to sit and focus on the work I need to get done. I still have moments where I do procrastinate but they are definitely less frequent than when I skip taking a scoop of Purpose. If you're looking to cut down on energy drinks or coffee and bring more focus to your work, I recommend you try this. It just might work for you like it has for me.

Damon N.

My New Coffee!

I have been a daily consumer of Purpose for several years, and cannot believe the transformative results this product has crated for me. I used to drink a lot of coffee in the morning and throughout the day, and never really felt it provided enough, or the right type of, energy. I cannot believe that one serving of Purpose replaced coffee so effectively that I now no longer drink any coffee or energy supplements at all.

I was concerned when the Purpose formulation changed recently, because I loved the original blend a great deal, and I could not be happier with the New Purpose! I love the new flavor plus the pouch + scoop, and feel the energy and clarity Purpose provides to remain unrivaled. The new formula is much smoother and easier to blend, giving it very uniform taste and consistency.

Purpose continues to provide me with very steady and predictable energy immediately after consuming, and increased focus and mental clarity for hours. I generally only consume one Purpose a day, but occasionally enjoy another in the afternoon or before evening work. Thank you Sovereignty for developing this truly great product!


Experience the energy, focus and memory restoring effects of Purpose – risk and worry free.

We’re proud to be sharing a company with you that actually stands behind their products. Because with Jason’s 180-day satisfaction guarantee, you can try Purpose out on their dime. Exclusive to new customers from this article.

Here’s how it works:

Move forward with Purpose a few moments from now – try the delicious natural berry blend for yourself, and the effects these 19 world-class supernutrients have on your energy, focus and life.

Then, if for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with your order (even if you don’t like the font on the label!)…

  1. Simply send an email to the customer support email (it will be on your e-receipt after you purchase)
  2. Then just let them know you want a full and total refund
  3. They’ll then refund every single penny of your initial order. No questions asked. No rebills. No tricks.

It really is just 3 easy steps to get every penny back!

So don’t delay, check the availability of Purpose by pressing the button below. Last time we checked with Jason – on July 18, 24 – they still had some pouches left in stock. But we know that may change at any time.


Megan B.

As a mom of four, I am always looking for a way to have more energy and be more present with my kids. I drink Purpose in the morning and it has made all the difference, for real! Tastes great, and I gives me the boost and focus I need to get going every day. I tend to get a little jittery with coffee, but this doesn't do it to me. Highly recommend for those who need to get stuff done!


Penelope Z.

I wanted to mention to you that your product has been extremely helpful for me post oral surgery. It makes it a big difference with pain and recovery. Post surgery. Just wanted to let you know that that's gonna be a season this product which is really outstanding over others.


Maggie N.

I love taking Purpose! 1. Gives me so much mental clarity- I can multitask and get through my day without brain fog/ mom brain. 2. Increase in physical energy 3. I don't feel wired 4. Tastes great too I look forward to ordering more and telling my friends about this product too!

  6. (Figure 3D). Placebo group: 16 A-gpc group:
    30. 16 → 30 = 87.5% increase in motivation compared to placebo group
  8. [2:30]